Hi, my name is Nick Phillips.

I am currently provide a growing range of support and educations services to people suffering from gambling disorders.

For over 20 years I had a gambling disorder which has had a massive impact on me, my family, and friends. It is not just about the financial damage but the physical and mental health of not just myself but others around me. There is still much stigma and lack of understanding around gambling disorder. I set this company up, to help support and advice individuals and organisations, around the dangers and harms that are attributed with gambling. My disorder led to two bankruptcies and two failed suicide attempts.

I feel now that I am a survivor. I want to reduce harm and raise awareness, so that others do not end up in similar situations to what I endured. Prevention comes in education, but not just in adults but in our children. I am now studying Psychology and Counselling and am in my second year of an undergraduate degree in Swansea, where I live. On completion of this course i hope to use these qualifications, alongside my lived experience to help and support others. I previously worked in the transport industry and served in the Armed Forces, in the Royal Logistics Corp. By improving education, awareness and treatment, plus better, safer, up to date new legislation, then we here in the UK have the opportunity to be the best in class. We can be the benchmark for the rest of the world, in terms of protecting and educating people about gambling.

Let us do this together.


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