To date, there is very limited research and information on the levels of  gambling related harm within the armed forces  serving community and the veterans network. There are two studies published (see below) that investigate the issues with gambling within the RAF and veterans community.

Key findings show that veterans are 8 times more likely to suffer gambling related harm than civilians. The RAF study showed that 2% of survey participants gave responses that are indicative of problem gambling. A further 3.9% gave responses of moderate risk and 9.8% gave responses indicative of low risk.

As an organisation we look to work with relevant stakeholders in raising awareness of gambling related issues within our serving personnel as well as our veterans community. Stigma, shame and guilt are common traits of addiction and increase the likelihood of severe gambling related issues including financial, relationships, health and wellbeing and career concerns. Opening the conversation around these issues will only help to reduce stigma which then increases the chances of people actively seeking help. Gambling harm can affect anyone and our military community is included within that. We hope that further research, awareness and communication will be seen as a positive step.